Administrative Management

Negotiation of insurance policies
Monthly meetings with condo administrators
Minutes of board meetings
Annual updating declaration at the Enterprise Registrar
Updated register of co-owners and occupants
Preparation,convocation and management of annual and special meetings as well as preparation of minutes
Regular communications with co-owners (reports, infor-mation and more

Financial Management

Payment of invoices and taxes
Preparation of budgets in collaboration with administrators
Bank reconciliations
Preparation of all year-end accounting statements
Detailed monthly reports (accounts payable, accounts receiv-able, list of payments and corresponding checks)
Collection of common expenses
Formal notices and legal procedures for defaulting co-owners with regards to common expenses

Maintenance Management

Necessary repairs in common areas
Negotiation of maintenance contracts and follow-up of emergency calls (elevators, plumbing, etc.)
Subcontracting of cleaning, landscaping and snow removal services
Plans for renovations and preventative work
Regular inspections
Overseeing of maintenance and renovation work Introduction of a maintenance log for the building
Request and analysis of quotes for various subcontracted services

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