Understanding and Meeting Challenges

Apartment buildings and/or condominiums are complex structures presenting many more challenges than single family, freehold homes. The individual owner’s space, versus the common areas, needs clear definition and can lead to misunderstandings in areas of responsibility. Changes to an individual residence can affect the suite above, below, or right next door, and necessitate open communications between owners and management.

Managing such situations requires a special form of expertise and a property management firm that intimately understands design, construction and law . It makes perfect sense therefore to access the knowledge of the original development team, combined with its marketing and customer service departments, to run the day-to-day operations and maintenance to apartment buildings or condominiums community.

TON-DER GROUP helps develop both short- and long- term plans for security, maintenance, repairs and renovations and makes sure that such initiatives are realized on time, within budget and with the least amount of disruption to homeowners or tenants.

                                           Managing & Making Environments Better

Dedicated to providing the highest standards of living for all homeowners, TON-DER GROUP works with residents and owners build a living environment within each building and each residence, that is attractive, safe and worthy of calling home.

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